Don't Let Pests Chase You Inside

Don't Let Pests Chase You Inside

Build a screened-in porch for your home in Traverse City, MI

You love spending time in your backyard. But constant harassment from mosquitoes, flies and wasps is annoying. With a screened-in porch, you can keep pests out and relax. T.B. Construction builds screened-in porches in Traverse City, MI.

We use durable and long-lasting Trex board. Plus, we build hardwood frames and will work with you to design a porch that looks attractive and matches your home. You can choose from several options to personalize your project. Any functional and stylistic concerns will be addressed.

Contact us at 231-590-2609 for more information about our screened-in porch services.

How a screened-in porch can help

An outdoor living space doesn't have to be completely exposed to the elements. With screened-in porch services, you can build a space that...

  • Provides shelter from the sun and rain, allowing you to relax outdoors in any weather
  • Keeps bugs and pests out so you can enjoy your time without being harassed
  • Can be equipped with comforts like ceiling fans, combining indoor and outdoor living

Arrange for a screened-in porch installation in Traverse City, MI today.